Council 9235 of the Knights of Columbus was formed on February 24, 1986 in the chapel at St. Anthony’s Church in Brampton, Ontario. Prior to this, Aurel Chiasson and Bob Anderson, the then District Deputy, approached Father Joe Connick with the idea of forming a Council at St. Anthony’s. The day before the first meeting, a first degree was held, and many of our Charter members joined the Council at this time. Brother Aurel Chiasson was elected as our Charter Grand Knight.
The members of Council 9235 have always been very active in charitable endeavours, both with time and financial consideration. Not long after our formation, the Ontario Special Olympics were held in our area, and under the leadership of Brothers Victor St. Jean and Paul Thibodeau, we provided manpower to this cause. We also immersed ourselves into the annual CARS raffle, which is sponsored by the Ontario State Board of the Knights of Columbus, and one of our early sales resulted in a winner, George Mausz, who later joined our Council. Members of Council 9235 have also volunteered time to blood donor clinics, food banks, our parish communities, “Out of the Cold” programs, Birthright and other pro-life programs, and many other worthwhile causes.
Brother Aurel Chiasson later moved on to become a District Deputy, one of three from our Council (Brothers Cecil and Arthur Peters would later serve in this position.) We have had eight different members serve as our Grand Knight during our 16 year history. We have also had six Pastors serve in the role of Chaplain, including the Most. Rev. Anthony Meagher, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto.
In 1990, the then Grand Knight Cecil Peters was visiting a local Dairy Queen when he noticed a lady rummaging through a garbage can in search of food. Brother Cecil believed that this should not be happening in his City, and from here the Knights Table was born. The Knights Table would be a restaurant where people could go to enjoy a meal, warmth and hospitality in an atmosphere that gave them dignity. After discussing the idea with the Council, a location was secured at 23 Main Street South (beside City Hall,) in Brampton, and the members of the Council volunteered their time to set up the restaurant. Brother John Hogan, a member of the Council, was hired as the chef and manager of the Table. In the beginning, sixty meals per month were served, a far cry from the 1000 per week that we currently average.
The Knights Table has grown over the years to become the most successful social service in the City of Brampton.
Council 9235 hosts activities for our members and parish community. Bowling nights, family nights, and a children's Christmas party are some of the annual events that take place for our Council members. In February, we host an Annual Pasta Dinner which is sponsored for the parishioners of St. Anthony’s and St. Marguerite d’Youville; this is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and over 300 people enjoy all you can eat pasta every year.
In addition, we are a major supporter of many charitable efforts. From helping a visually impaired lady to get new glasses, helping families in need, sponsoring priests and deacons in the seminary, supporting our parishes, or supporting charities, the members of Council 9235 are always ready, willing and able to lend a hand; in the words of our Past Chaplain, Father Mike Holmes, ‘the Knights always come through.’ Each year, over $25,000 is donated to charities across our area.
There are just over 260 members in Council 9235, and we are averaging about 35% attendance at meetings, and 50% overall participation. We are proud to be a Star Council under the direction of District Deputy Jerry Monaco, and we look forward to a strong future. Our meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at St. Anthony’s church (in the parish centre,) and new members are always welcome. For more information, please click-here to contact us .

Father Clair Tipping

Council 9235 was formed in February of 1986, in the name of Father Clair Tipping , the Pastor of St. John Fisher church in Bramalea during the 1970's. Father Tipping, himself a Fourth Degree Knight, was very much a people person, who took the time to talk with his parishioners and worked hard to involve everyone in the functions of the Mass and the church.